(Repost) My Top 5 WrestleMania Women’s Matches

NOTE: This is a blog I wrote for a friend’s blog before WrestleMania 31 where I ranked my picks for the Top 5 Women’s Matches in WrestleMania history.  So yeah, it’s from 2 years ago.


NOTE FROM CHRIS: Thank you to Dan for writing this up! Remember, if you ever want to write something for my blog, all you have to do is ask! All yours, Dan.

After helping Chris out with his Main Events ranking blog we discussed the possibility of doing a Top Matches List for the Ladies.  As the resident Women’s Wrestling Expert, or at least Enthusiast he asked for my help.  We discussed things for a bit and we eventually decided I should do it as a Guest Blog.  My list involves 10 women (2 as managers), 4 of which are in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Now for the usual Jersey Rain disclaimer: This is MY list, your list may differ and that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.




  1. Leilani Kai vs Alundra Blayze (c) – WrestleMania X

Kai V Blayze

Before this match the last time there was a Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania was at WrestleMania 2. Thanks to Alundra Blayze revitalizing the division along with the likes of Aja Kong and Bull Nakano the women came back.  Leilani outwrestles Alundra but Alundra keeps with the pin combos and wins with a German Suplex.  This match put the Women’s Title and Women’s Wrestling back on the map; unfortunately it didn’t last, as we didn’t have another Women’s Championship match until WrestleMania XV.


  1. Molly Holly vs Victoria (c) – Hair vs Title – WrestleMania XX

Molly v Victoria

Molly Holly wanted the Women’s Championship back so bad she was willing to put her hair on the line.  A competitive back and forth match, Molly tries to beat Victoria with her own finisher the Widow’s Peak.  Victoria reverses it into a Backslide and wins.  Molly tries to run out on her hair stipulation but Victoria runs her down, knocks her out and straps her to the barber chair.  Molly then gets her hair shaved while she throws a fit.  This match ranks because of the willingness to do and follow through on the Hair stipulation.


  1. Trish Stratus vs Jazz vs Victoria (c) w/Steven Richards – WrestleMania XIX

Trish V Jazz V Victoria

There was a #1 Contenders Match for WrestleMania. Trish Stratus faced Jazz who had just returned from injury. Victoria thought it would be ingenious if she attacked both Trish and Jazz it would make it a Double DQ and thus there would be no contender for her Championship. This backfired as she was then made to defend against both Trish and Victoria.  There is much more interaction between the three participants than WrestleMania X8’s Triple Threat.  Victoria’s storyline boyfriend Steven Richards gets involved and eats a chair for his trouble. Trish wins after getting out of the Widow’s Peak and hitting a Chick Kick.  Fun match with much less lulls in the action compared to the triple threat at X8.


  1. Wendi Richter w/Cyndi Lauper vs Leilani Kai (c) w/Fabulous Moolah – WrestleMania

Richter V Kai

This is the second most important match at the first WrestleMania.  Think about that, the Women’s Championship match was the second most important match; it had a great amount of build up and had celebrity involvement.  These ladies really took it to each other knowing how important this match and show would be.  Leilani goes for a High Cross Body off the top but Wendi rolls through and gets the three.  The match was solid but the build and celebrity involvement at the Granddaddy of them All gives it such importance that it lands as my number two.

NOTE FROM CHRIS: Girls just wanna have fu-un.


  1. Mickie James vs Trish Stratus (c) – WrestleMania 22

Mickie V Trish

The best feud heading into WrestleMania was the feud between Mickie James and Trish Stratus.  The Chicago crowd actually chants “Let’s Go Mickie!”  Mickie reverses the Stratusphere and the crowd goes insane as Mickie laughs manically.  Trish attempts the Stratusfaction Bulldog and Mickie stops this by digging into Trish’s crotch then licks her fingers.  The finger licking has since been cut out of the Home Release and WWE Network versions of the event.  Mickie then wins the match with her own version of the Chick Kick later called the Mick Kick.  This match told a fantastic story and the action was also fantastic making it my pick as the greatest Women’s Match in WrestleMania history.

NOTE FROM CHRIS: This is also my favorite women’s match of all time.

Can WrestleMania ►’s tag match of AJ Lee & Paige vs The Bella Twins move into this list?  Let me know if you’d like to see more Guest Blogs from me.  Big thanks to Chris for allowing me to make this Guest Blog.